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A Rich History

Buffalo’s history is rich with stories of culture, progress, and resilience. The City of Good Neighbors has seen many seasons of change to become what it is today.

The Gateway

To The West

Buffalo has an unexpected past from which there is much to learn. It is located on the Erie Canal’s western banks, creating a city established in exports, imports, and trade which invited ancestors and persons of talent such as William G. Fargo, jazz legends like Louis Armstrong, and even presidents, who resided and governed here. In 1960 the Buffalo Bills were founded, and the city became engulfed in the culture of football. Ten years later the Buffalo Sabres were formed, creating a community of passionate sports fans. The culture of Buffalo has always been rich with community, establishing us as “The City of Good Neighbors.” We welcome you to explore all corners of the city and immerse yourself in the best Buffalo has to offer!