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The Jewel of Buffalo

The City of Buffalo has newly embraced the Olmsted Campus as a pinnacle of peace and urban character. Its history is artful and spirited, and it’s still in the making – evolving. The Richardson Hotel stands proudly in its refurbishment, honoring the Buffalo community.

The City Of Good Neighbors

We’re Reigniting Buffalo

The Olmsted Campus is being given back to the Buffalo community. Residents and local organizations have passionately taken on acquiring the National Historic Landmark designation, campus building restorations, and the “re-greening” of the grounds. These 40+ acres of land in the heart of Buffalo are to be our welcoming place for tranquil gathering and recreation. And The Richardson Hotel is the conduit through which visitors may learn and explore.

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Celebrating the Past

Paving the Way to the Future

Buffalo is blending new ideas with its 19th-century heritage. Here is a place where we celebrate the architecture of H.H. Richardson and Frederick Law Olmsted landscape design. These bring significance to our community and inspiration to our educational tours, which are mindfully planned with representatives from our neighborhoods, cultural institutions, the Buffalo Psychiatric Center, SUNY Buffalo State, businesses, and historic preservation organizations.

An Inspiring Institution

The Richardson Olmsted Complex